Solid Press on Bands
Solid Press on Bands

While the use of solid tyres in the material handling segment is well accepted, the use of solid tyres on construction and other specialized equipment is a relatively new phenomenon. However things are changing as acceptance grows and the benefits become apparent.

Traxter as a brand offers a range of Special Purpose Solid Tyres specifically designed for construction and mining applications where machines are generally fitted with pneumatic foam filled tyres which are subject to tyre damage and fast wear.

Traxter Super-Solids are designed for superior wear resistance and heat dissipatation that increases the life-cycle of usage, enhances endurance and provides improved stability and safety.

Besides being puncture proof, solid tyres have a lifespan of three to five times that of conventional foam filled pneumatic tyres. The user can also expect to reduce losses associated with frequent repair and replacement, downtime and the costs associated with excess inventory of spares.

Tyres are available in application specific tread patterns with innovative features such as multiple row sidewall apertures for shock absorption when moving over irregular surfaces and debris.
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